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Smart HK-A3 Vegetable & Fruit Purifier


Key Features
  • 1.Disinfect the vegetable, fruit and meet to remove the pesticide.
  • 2.Water purification.
  • 3.Clothes Washing.
  • 4.Indoor deodorization.
  • 5.Disinfecting tableware.
  • 6.Application for skin caring

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Feature and Functions:

1. Oxidizes and dissolves impure substances in the water.

2. Disinfects various bacteria cholera with anions and pure ozone and cleans the water.

3. Dissolves residual agricultural chemicals of fruits and vegetables

4. Dissolves by oxidizing and disinfects bacteria such as colon bacillus, Vibrio,   O-157, staphylococcus, salmonella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa which enable to eat safety

5. Eliminate inflammation of gynecology

6. It is environment-friendly advanced digital product without secondary pollutant

7. Use the principle of thunder stroke producing ozone, and the machine will take the air as the material to produce ozone by creating high-frequency electricity power voltage.

8. PVC tube, which is against oxidation

9. E structure air pump which is stable and has long lifetime

10. Epoxy resin

11. ABS industrial plastic, smooth

12. Indicator light display

13. Activities power cord

14. With remote control


Whats in the box (Machine with spare parts)

Main machine: 1 Pcs
Aeration stone-2
Screw & fish-2
Manual – 1
Color box – 1

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