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NestAir 550™ Ceiling Mount Air Purifier HEPA PURE ®


General Features: Advanced 4-stage Filtration to Tackle adverse Air Quality
PM 2.5 Laser Sensor; Medical-grade Filters
Decorative Lights (Warm, Neutral, White Lights)
Cleans The Air 3 Times Faster Than Average Units
Unique Ceiling mounted Designer Air Purifier with i-Cluster Technology
Use: Best suited for Restaurants, Hotels, Offices, Homes, Doctor’s clinics and schools

The product is designed for Apartment, Bedroom, Dining Room, Hotel, Guest Room, Reception, living Area, Children Room, Near Kitchen, Study Room, Doctor room, Chess room, Bars, Internet Cafe and other recreational places, as well as airport, bus station’s waiting hall and other public places. It is a composite air purification equipment, have the function of air purification, sterilization, disinfection, and purpose of decor lighting
The product has the advantages of novel structure, stable and reliable performance, simple and convenient operation etc. It can fully improve the living environment of people, improve the quality of life, create a clean space without occupying floor Space and protect people’s physical and mental health.

Additional Features:
High accuracy PM 2.5 Digital Display Laser Sensor
Ceiling Air Purifier with Decorative Lights
Temperature Display
Auto-restart in case of a power failure and resume again
Telescopic rod to move up & down for easy maintenance and filter replacement
Decorative lights in 3 different colors: Neutral, Warm and White Light
4 stages purification

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