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Mini Dehumidifier

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Product details of Mini Dehumidifier

  • Portable electric dehumidifiers, the most common and effective type available, work in a similar way to an air conditioner except the air is heated instead of cooled.
  • A dehumidifier uses a fan to draw moist room air over a series of coils – first a refrigerated coil, and then a heated coil.
  • As the refrigerated coil cools down the moist air, the moisture content in the air condenses into water and drips down into a collection bucket or drain hose.
  • The now drier air then passes over the heated coil before being released back into the room as dry, warm air.
  • A dehumidifier is most effective at warmer temperatures and higher relative humidity levels.
  • Symptoms can range from personal issues, such as allergic reactions, stuffiness and congestion, asthma, and respiratory problems, to long-term issues with your home, including stains on ceilings and walls, damage to your furniture, and more.
  • If you have these issues, a dehumidifier is something you should consider.
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What’s in the box

Charger, Dehumidifier
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