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In the world of business and hospitality, first impression matters. Freshness in the air is one of the key links to creating that first impression about your hotel, restaurant, pub, gym or office. Bad smells and smoke are a put off for any customer and fresh air that is free of smoke and pungent smells could make all the difference between losing a customer instantly and retaining one for a long period of time.

Instantly make the guest room fresh for another check-in

How often have your guests checked into a room and told you about food smell, cigarette and cigar smell, paint and varnish smell, mustiness caused by carpets and limited air circulation? There is nothing you can do about guest behaviour which is the primary reason for several of these issues. However, these are classic problems of indoor air quality that can be effectively addressed by Atlanta Healthcare air purifiers.

Knock of paint smells from newly furnished rooms

New paint and new furnishing are very common in hotels. The smell of paint or material used to furnish the room takes at least a month to disappear when the room is properly ventilated. In absence of proper ventilation, it could take more than a month for the smell to be removed. One cannot book the newly painted or furnished room for immediate check in resulting in revenue loss.

Make guests comfortable in banquet hall and restaurants

Banquet halls can easily become suffocating for guests as they get crowded and food starts getting served. Due to limited circulation of air, the pungent odor of drinks, snacks and food served in the same area or attached hall along with the heat and smell of food makes the indoor air unbearable.

Get fresh air into fitness centers, night clubs, discotheques and bars

Fitness centre is a high activity area and high level of carbon dioxide, allergens, dust & body odour is found in indoor air which is again inhaled by the guest. This works against fitness objectives and can easily make your guest feel uneasy.

In night clubs, discotheques and bars, the smell of drink combines with body odour to make the indoor air quality worse. Air conditioning makes the problem more severe as stale air along with Carbon Dioxide keeping indoors for several hours.

How to ward off indoor air pollution at hotels, gym, pubs and clubs?

Air Purifiers consist of various filters that almost negate the indoor pollutants and return the air quality to safer levels. While there are many air purification filters that are used in air purifiers, there are only some that are very relevant to air purification at hospitality spaces. While it’s good to have several filters, the filters that are must are Activated Carbon Filter, HEPA filter, Ultraviolet and Ionizer.A HEPA filter and Activated Carbon filter does the job of completely removing smoke and harmful gases from the air and reduce indoor air pollution.

Activated Carbon Filter: When carbon is treated with oxygen, it causes numerous tiny pores to open up on the surface of the carbon. These pores are so many in number that one pound of activated carbon provides 60-150 acres of surface area with the objective to trap pollutants. The activated carbon filter works by the principal of adsorption where a gas element bonds with the surface of a solid. The solid material here being the activated carbon, which absorbs airborne pollutants equivalent to 60% of its weight. Once the air borne particles are absorbed by the filter, only the pure air flows out.

HEPA: A HEPA filter is always used in combination with an activated carbon filter to achieve highly efficient air filtration. The result being removal of wide array of air borne pollutants and asthma triggers like dust mites, pollen, mould, pet dander etc. The HEPA filter alone is the most efficient filter for people suffering from allergies and asthma. It removes 99.97% of airborne irritants which are of the size 0.3 microns.

Ultraviolet tube with PCO: The Ultraviolet filters are a new technology used to remove substantial amount of microbes from the air. The filter kills the bacterial pollutants in the air with ultraviolet light that incinerates the bacteria passing through it. This filter focuses on helping people who suffer from asthma, lung diseases and allergies.

Ionizer: An ionizer generates millions of negative ions per cubic meter. These ions are found near waterfalls, mountains and green areas like forests and they keep you fresh and vitalize your mind and body.

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