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What are air purifiers?

Air purifiers are devices that are used to remove various pollutants, allergens, bacteria and virus from a closed environment. Air purifiers operate with multiple filters and a powerful fan, within a closed environment, which helps in taking the air in from the environment and passing it through the multiple filters to purify the air. The effectiveness of the air purifier in India is determined through the number of filters used, type of filters, size of filters and clean air delivery rate (CADR).

Atlanta Healthcare Air Purifiers in Nepal

Smart Trading is a trader of an air quality management company (Atlanta Healthcare), providing the best of air purification solutions with its range of air purifiers for home and industry. Our HEPA air purifiers provide up to 7-stages of filtration with the help of multi-stage iCluster technology. The indoor air goes through various filters, after which the air is removed of almost 100% air pollutants.

Atlanta Healthcare air purifiers are widely used in various cities of India and trusted by a huge customer base consisting of corporate, expats and residential customers.

What is the technology behind best air purifiers in Nepal?

iCluster Technology is Atlanta Healthcare’s unique air purification technology which focuses on eradicating various pollutants present in the environment. There are various pollutants in the air that impact human health varying from gases, particulates, bacteria, virus, smell, smoke and other harmful suspended particles. A single filtration technology cannot eradicate all pollutants in the air. In order to ensure effective purification, multi-stage filtration technologies need to work in tandem. Atlanta Healthcare’s iClusterTM Technology provides relief from pollutants in totality, using synchronized multi-stage intelligent filtration to provide pure air.

The filters that are used in Atlanta Healthcare’s iCluster technology are: –

Indoor air is filled with large particles of dust, pet dander etc. which are captured by the Pre-filter. This allows the HEPA filter to last long as in the absence of a pre-filter, the expensive HEPA filters would clog quickly with the big particles. Dusting or vacuum cleaning the pre-filter on a routine helps in increasing the life of the HEPA filter.

The ESP filter helps in removing fine particles like dust and smoke. It works by forcing the dirty gas pass through two electrodes where the first electrode is charged to a negative voltage and the second electrode is charged to a positive voltage.

Molecular Sieve Media
Molecular Sieve Media is a material with very small pores of even size. The diameter of these pores is similar to that of small molecules. As a result, small molecules of SOx, NOx, H2S and other gases get adsorbed by the molecular sieve.

HEPA / ULPA Filter
HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, they are always used in combination with an activated carbon filter to achieve highly efficient air filtration. The result being removal of wide array of air borne pollutants and asthma triggers like dust mites, pollen, mould, pet dander etc. The HEPA filter alone is the most efficient filter for people suffering from allergies and asthma. It removes 99.97% of airborne irritants which are of the size 0.3 microns. ULPA stands for Ultra Low Penetrate Air, they filter dust, mold, pollen, bacteria and other airborne particles (up to 0.1 micron) with an efficiency of 99.99 percent.

Activated Carbon Filter
When carbon is treated with oxygen, it causes numerous tiny pores to open up on the surface of the carbon. These pores are so many in number that one pound of activated carbon provides 60-150 acres of surface area with the objective to trap pollutants. The activated carbon filter works by the principal of adsorption where a gas element bonds with the surface of a solid. The solid material here being the activated carbon, which absorbs airborne pollutants equivalent to 60% of its weight. Once the air borne particles are absorbed by the filter, only the pure air flows out.

Cold Catalyst
Cold catalyst filters absorb and decompose formaldehyde in the air and tiny floating dust particles. It also helps in removal of other harmful gases and odor.

Fiber Filter
Fiber filter provides additional support to HEPA filter in order to obtain maximum purification efficiency. They help in removal of VOC gases and odor.

Photo Catalyst Filter
In photo catalyst filter, the catalyst that cleans the air is typically titanium dioxide TiO2 and it’s energized by ultraviolet light. When UV light shines on the titanium dioxide, electrons are released at the surface of the catalyst. The electrons interact with water molecules in the air and break them into hydroxyl radicals. These hydroxyl radicals attack the pollutant molecules, breaking apart their chemical bonds and turning them into harmless substance.

The Ultraviolet filters are a new technology used to remove substantial number of microbes from the air. The filter kills the bacterial pollutants in the air with ultraviolet light that incinerates the bacteria passing through it. This filter focuses on helping people who suffer from asthma, lung diseases and allergies.

An ionizer generates millions of negative ions per cubic meter. These ions are found near waterfalls, mountains and green areas like forests and they keep you fresh and vitalize your mind and body.

Uses of Air Purifiers by Atlanta Healthcare

Why do you need to use air purifiers?

Air Pollution in India has come to an alarming stage. According to WHO, India has crossed China in being the most polluted. Several reports published in 2016 state that 12 of the Indian cities are listed in the “Top 20 World’s Most Polluted Cities”.

Air pollution can be classified into two i.e. indoor and outdoor pollution. However, the former is proven to be the one that poses five time more danger to health than the latter. According to several studies, we spend a majority of our time indoors and while we are indoors, we are constantly breathing polluted air. Indoor air pollution is proven to cause respiratory diseases, COPD, cardiac diseases and lung cancer. Moreover, it affects all age groups.

Atlanta Healthcare air purifiers can be used in various applications such as residential, corporate, hospitality, IVF Labs, Data Center etc. Atlanta Healthcare also offers customizable air purifiers based upon the requirement of an application.

Read more about applications of Atlanta Healthcare air purifiers.

Protect your loved ones with best HEPA air purifiers

Believe it or not, it’s prime time for us to protect our loved ones and offer them the comfort of breathing pure air. Equipped with technologically advanced and best HEPA air purifiers in India, Atlanta Healthcare can resolve your problem and protect your family and loved ones from the hazards of air pollution.

You can “Contact Us” to get a 24 hours indoor air quality survey done at your location.

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