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Air Pollution is a challenge for healthy life. About 3 million people loss their life due to air pollution. it is the fourth most cause of the death of the people in world.  We spend 90 percent of time in indoor environment room, office or vehicle and rest of time in outdoor. In both the conditions we are inhaling very dangerous pollutions that cause cancer, asthma, headache, eye problem, skin problem and problem of infertility.

The air pollution level of different cities of Nepal such as Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara, Butwal, Nepalgunj, Biratnagar etc are in miserable condition. The condition of Kathmandu is the worst. The room air quality is not in the level of breathing. We are not taking life air, rather we are forced to take very toxic poison such as particulate matter with diameter less than 2.5 microns (PM2.5), size less than 1 micron (PM1) that generally come from the emissions from diesel/petrol vehicles, which directly goes to our blood through lungs and causes different killer diseases. The general cloth mask people are wearing has no meaning to wear. It only blocks large dust particles of diameter size greater than 10 microgram. The air quality in the sky of Kathmandu suggests that each and every individual needs air purifiers in their room.

Considering such a miserable conditions of the environment and worsening condition of health of public, Smart Trading is currently been promoting different technologies like room/car air purifiers, HEPA Filters, high quality N90 masks, air quality measuring nodes to know the status of air quality in the room, ionizers as a distributor of world class company. It also aims to promote health massagers,/CERAGEMS, vegetable and fruit pesticide purifiers and many more products that promote healthy and easier life.

It has a  sound management and good leadership to promote the delivery of quality services to the target communities and end users.

Smart Trading, Nepal’s air quality management company focuses on promotion of quality technologies and products to improve quality of air and help people breathe pure. The company creates smart solutions that facilitate people to breathe pure in different locations of job; home inside the car or outside the room, in workplace. It has been promoting wide range of products such as Room Air Purifiers, Car air purifiers, air quality monitor to measure the room air quality that we are breathing, Military grade N99 pollution masks. We support to help detection of air pollutants and provide equipments to protect from them. The products have been designed using best in class technology to cater to extreme air pollution environments (indoor and outdoor).

It is working as a exclusive distributor of one of the leading company in world and want to have a collaboration with national level dealers, retailers, individual market promoters.

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